Frequently Asked Questions

About Australian Packers & Craters (APC)

Q. What does Australian Packers & Craters do?
A. We custom make pallets, skids, crates and cases for domestic and/or international use.

Q. Where is APC based for the custom manufacture of their products?
A. We are based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Q. What area do you service?
A. We cover all of South East Queensland on a regular basis. However we will travel anywhere when the need arises.

Q. Do you come out to measure up for crating purposes?
A. Yes we offer a free measuring service but only in the Brisbane Metropolitan area for the more complex crating. Most of the time we can do a quote by email or phone.

Q. I am in another part of Australia/ World, can I still use APC to crate/pack items?
A. Absolutely. We often do work for companies and individuals, sometimes from other countries, if the freight is in Brisbane and can be got to us or we can get to the freight if too large, we can pack and crate anything. When completed we will let you know so you can organise your transport company.

Q. Do we offer Logistics and Storage?
A. Short answer is No.

Q. Do I have to be a business to buy from Australian Packers & Craters?
A. No. We understand sometimes a homeowner needs special storage or moving crates or to freight some things occasionally.

Q. I want to give some feedback about the quality of service and quality of product received, how do I do this?
A. We welcome all feedback, please go to our Facebook page


Q. Do we offer transport to pick up and deliver items?
A. No, this needs to be organised by you.

Q. Can you deliver the crates and pallets you make for us?
A. We only deliver what we custom make and a delivery fee applies. You are more than welcome to pick up yourself, just let us know.

Australian Packers & Craters (APC) Crate, Case, Pallets, Skid Manufacture & Packing Service.

Q. I can give you the size of the item that needs a crate, can you tell me how much it will be?
A. Yes, based on the dimensions and weight given to us, we will provide an obligation free quote.

Q. I know I need to put my goods into a crate for safe transportation but what do I actually need to do?
A. That’s what we are here for, with over 70 years of combined knowledge we can advise which is the best method of crate/case manufacture to meet or exceed your expectations for the safe freight of your items.

Q. We have some fragile items, easily broken, how safe will they be?
A. If we pack them, very safe. We will design and manufacture the crate to cater for some rough treatment if it happens. We will also brace where possible and use foam to provide a cushion from some of the severe knocks bumpy roads can sometimes give.

Q. I am a bit concerned that my goods won’t make it to their destination in one piece, can you help make it safe?
A. Absolutely. We are very concerned about the safety of the goods. We want safe arrival every time. If we have to do that something extra, go that extra mile to achieve what is needed then that is what we must do. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Q. What linings can you provide to protect my product?
A. Foam, soft and hard, to protect against shock. Bubble wrap, to protect against scratching. Tar Paper, to assist with water protection. Heat shrink wrapping, to protect against dust, moisture and the elements.

Q. We have a very large item weighing 20+ tons. Can you crate something this big?
A. Yes. Size is not an issue for us.

Q. We have a small heavy item that can’t get damaged, Can you crate something this small?
A. Yes. Size is not an issue.

Q. We need an odd shaped crate for extended re-use, can you do this?
A. Each crate or case is individually designed to suit the purpose. We custom make everything to order. Our extensive experience and design capabilities enables us to solve problems and issues our customers have come to rely on and expect.

Q, How long will it take to get a crate made?
A. Generally we like to work on 3 days from time of placing an order. However due to the nature of the custom work we do this can vary. At the time of placing an order please state your time requirements and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We also understand unforeseen urgent deadlines sometimes arise, we will do our best to accommodate these urgencies.

Q. I am sending things overseas, are the materials you use suitable for international freight?
A. Yes. All materials used are ISPM15 compliant. For overseas shipment please tell us and we will stamp the ISPM15 compliant stamp on the timber.

Q. We need our item protected from the elements, bad handling or light fingers, can you do this?
A. Yes. We offer a service of heat or vacuum shrink wrapping. Size is not a problem. We can also use desiccants for moisture removal, knock sensors for delicate items and tilt sensors for items that should not be tilted. We also can offer an anti-corrosive wrap when the cargo needs it.

Q. We need to use your onsite packing service in a secure facility, can you do this?
A. Yes, all our experienced onsite packing teams have White/Blue cards, Forklift Tickets, Working at Heights and EWP, OHS/JSA and MSIC & ASIC Cards.

Q. If we get our consignment to you can you pack the item for us?
A. Yes. We will confirm all sizes and manufacture what we need. Our experienced staff like to get it right first time, safety of the product is just as important as their safety and yours.

Q. We have a consignment to be packed and go into a shipping container. Can you do this?
A. Yes we can. We will crate all that needs to be crated and secure the rest so it does not move. A shipping container needs the weight distribution very much like the weight distribution over the axels of a truck. The ocean has many forces that require special bracing from all angles. Our experienced staff have extensive knowledge in this area.

Q. I have been told the items I want to pack need to be fumigated, do you do this?
A. No we don’t offer this service.

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